amazing Svaneti. Two-day trip in Zugdidi, Mestia, the mountain Zuruldi and Ushba, Ushguli from Kutaisi

Do not go in Svaneti, It means - not to see Georgia ". We'll go on a two-day trip to Svaneti - the mystical and fascinating Georgian region, who managed to preserve its historical appearance over the centuries. This fascinating tour will bring you a lot of positive impressions!
Svaneti - a wonderful place, where there are the highest mountains in Georgia! In Svaneti is the highest mountain peak Shkhara, whose height is more than five thousand meters! Historically Svaneti is divided into Upper and Lower.
Our tour begins with a picturesque valley road to Zugdidi - Samegrelo capital, where we will make a short stop. And then go further - to the Upper Svaneti in the legendary city of Mestia. On the way we stop at the waiting princes Dadiani palace in Zugdidi and dam reservoir Inguri. If time permits, it is possible to climb the mountain in Mestia Zuruldi on a lift. With Zuruldi open incredible views of the Caucasus Mountain Range and Mount Ushba. At night we camped in a small family-run hotel in Mestia.
Во второй день экскурсии мы отправимся на внедорожнике в самое высокогорное постоянное поселение в Европе – Ушгули. During the tour you will find familiarity with the unique architectural ensemble of Ushguli and visiting Glacier Chalaadi.
По окончании экскурсии мы вернёмся к месту её начала – вашему отелю в Кутаиси

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