Travel to Mtskheta, Dzhvari, Ananuri, šio Mgvime

Travel to Mtskheta, Dzhvari, Ananuri, šio Mgvime

organizational details

We start the tour from your hotel in advance fixed time best in 9-10 morning. The cost of the tour 30 $ person (from 6 person) duration 8-9 hours.

The price includes guide services, transport with driver.

NOT included in the price: entrance fees and meals.

You and I take a trip in the past century. The unforgettable trip to the outskirts of Tbilisi, we look at the history of Christianity, unique creations of human hands - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, We learn the legends and stories associated with them. We admire no less unique creations of nature - a unique landscape of Georgia.


  • We will visit the ancient capital - Mtskheta, which is called the "second Jerusalem" because a large number of holy relics, kept here.
  • Insight Svetitskhoveli Temple – architectural monument of medieval architecture, which stores Heaton of the Lord and the other Christian heritage Georgia World.
  • Look at Samtavro Monastery - an outstanding monument 11 century, in the territory of which stands Transfiguration Church and the ancient church of St. Nino, postoroenny even when her life 4 century.
  • Let's go to the monastery Shio-Mgvime, founded by St. Shio in 6 century with the blessing of the Mother of God, patroness of Georgia. Life and death Shio - striking legend and I'll tell it to you.
  • Zayed in the world-famous monastery Jvari 6 century, built during the reign of Guarame, that will win your heart with its splendor and the opening near the temple panorama.
  • Next, Georgian Military Road, one of the most scenic roads in the world, lead us to Zhinvali reservoir - a lost paradise for archaeologists. You know the sad story of its creation.
  • And here we are in the castle 17 century Ananuri, It was the residence of the great feudal lords, and the gateway to the gorge Aragvi. The castle attracts attention with its photogenic and we, necessarily, this use, removing the delightful pictures on the memory.
  • After the tour, we'll pick one of the most popular restaurants, to treat yourself to a delicious Georgian cuisine and drink some wine.

known attractions 1.Mtsheta, Samtavro

The ancient capital of Georgia, is just 20 km from the present. Mtskheta was founded already in 5 century BC. agree, few cities can boast such longevity. Here rassolozheno several landmark for the Christian churches, in which constantly seek to pilgrims. In this wonderful place St. Nino came and brought the good news. It is a sacred relic is kept here for all Christians of the world – the tunic of the Lord. This is not an exhaustive list of reasons, which Mtskheta called the "second Jerusalem". Why visit Mtskheta:

  • many religious attractions are concentrated here.
  • Opportunity to see the beauty and natural resources of Georgia in action.

they, who do not give importance to religious sights of Mtskheta, certainly appreciate its geographical location. Mtskheta was built at the confluence of two mountain rivers - the Kura and Aragvi. hummock, confluence of two rivers and surrounded by mountain peaks make this place truly magnificent. 2. Svetitshoveli

Church name 12 Apostles is the second bank shrine Christians in Georgia. Svetitskhoveli is translated from the Georgian language as a pillar of the life-giving. Tradition says one of 7 posts, which hung in the air and there was up to a point. What happened next, you learn from the beautiful legend, which will tell you guide. Moreover, you will see all the important places of this amazing place, trust, they are many. Svetitskhoveli is the largest temple of the historic buildings, preserved to our days. Svetitskhoveli includes:

  • Temple.
  • ramparts.

UNESCO World Heritage Monument will appear before you in this form, in which it is to 1010 of the year. When the hand of the architect and the architect Arsukidze created this magnificent temple. On the hand the main creator has its own legend, less beautiful and somewhat creepy. But documentary evidence of this legend is set in stone and will appear to your eyes, If you decide to visit this sacred place. 3. Zhinvali reservoir and castle Ananuri

Reservoir - an artificial body of water is not created so far 1984 year. Reservoir is located in 40 km from Tbilisi in Dusheti district, on the river Aragvi.

Zhinvali reservoir is hidden away from the eyes, it hides the scenic mountains, so close the blue sky and the stunning beauty of the pond. Water is constantly changing, and even one came running cloud can dramatically change its color. At this point in time Zhinvali reservoir has three functions:

  • It generates electricity.
  • Supplying Tbilisi with water.
  • It is a magnet for tourists.

In the past,, to be precise, that in the XII forever, here was an ancient city Zhinvali. And the first human settlements date back to IV-III millennium BC. Unfortunately, numerous historical monuments, temples and churches were flooded. However, one of the churches, trapped under water can be seen in the spring. At this time, the water level in the reservoir falls and the water acts as a cross and cupola, and then the whole church. Before flooding the city, there were conducted excavations. They conducted archaeological expedition, which found many artifacts, jewelry, crockery, housewares, weapon, figures of people and animals. Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to, or rather did not have time to explore the whole territory, which has got into the water. A huge part of ancient monuments and objects, It was flooded and still lies at the bottom of the reservoir Zhinvali.

4. Shio – Mgvime

Shio-Mgvime - Monastery, founded in the Middle Ages, holy Shio, repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. During its long history the monastery knew heyday, when the number of monks reached 2 000, and the years of neglect.

About personality hermit St. Shio, who lived in 6 century and founded a monastery came many historical details. Historians know the whole life of an old man, voluntarily spent the last years of his life in a pit. Despite the love of solitude, Holy Shio performed many good deeds and left behind 160 written teachings.

The monastery complex includes several buildings of different eras. Some of them are destroyed and then restored modified. At the moment, you can see several churches, chapel, trapeznuyu. Preserved and the very first temple, built on the site in 560-580 gg - St. John the Baptist church.


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