Charming Tbilisi

how many songs, poems and legends composed about this distinctive, inimitable, amazing and such an open city for each guest. This city, in which you fall in love once and for all. Architecture building, narrow cobbled streets in the confusing quarters, unique carved balconies, monuments, fountains, parks, area, famous Georgian cuisine, dances and polyphonic songs - all this will impress and leave the most pleasant memories for a lifetime, but still give a desire to return here again. How much warmth and love will give you this, stunning in its beauty and versatility, city. Welcome to Tbilisi! duration 8 hours


Walking tour of the Georgian capital,:

  • Our walk starts from the heart of Tbilisi – Freedom Square, the center of which adorns the monument to St. George. Walk down the street, where once he lived and worked in Pushkin.
  • Next we move on to the famous crystal bridge over the Kur, called Peace Bridge.
  • Rica from the park we will go up by cable car to the observation deck, to see the spectacular views of the famous fortress Narikala and around the city.
  • Going down, we meet with the Azerbaijani quarter, We see the mosque and sulfur baths, We learn many interesting things about these old historic places.
  • Next we move on to the waterfall in Legvtahevi, and after that visit the Church of Surp Gevorg Armenian quarter, where he was buried Sayat Nova, known and loved in these parts poet.
  • The first part of our tour will end in the Jewish quarter of Tbilisi.

Flavor cuisine:

  • A little tired of walking, we will go to a great restaurant of Georgian cuisine. To visit Georgia and get acquainted with its traditional dishes - an unforgivable mistake, because the kitchen - this is also part of the culture.


  • After a wonderful lunch we walk through the Metekhi Bridge Metekhi rock and visit the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, with stunning views of the city and a monument to Vakhtang Gorgasali.
  • The second part of the tour we will pass on a comfortable car, to have time to see and enjoy several other parts of the fairy Tbilisi. Along the way we will stop near the most interesting places and sights, including'll see the highest and most Georgian church of the Holy Trinity (Cminda Sameba).
  • After that we go to the dry bridge, to see another famous attraction Tbilisi - flea market. In this picturesque spot collected antique and rare things, gallery of paintings by professional artists, antique dishes, old music records and more.

Tasting of traditional wines:

  • At the end of our busy day tour you will taste the real, the world-famous, Georgian wines. A glass of Saperavi Kindzmarauli or learn many interesting facts about the production of wine, which is more than 8000 years old.

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