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organizational details

We start the tour from your hotel in advance fixed time best in 9-10 morning. The cost of the tour 30 $ person (from 6 person) duration 8-9 hours.

The price includes guide services, transport with driver.

NOT included in the price: entrance fees and meals.

Кахетия – this, perhaps, the most famous region of Georgia. It is famous far beyond the country, primarily due to its spectacular wines. On this tour you will not only get acquainted with the production of wine, but you will also be able to taste the most famous varieties. Предлагаем поучаствовать в приготовлении и испечь настоящий грузинский хлеб.
We also visit the city of love Sighnaghi with its stunning old streets. We visit the Bodbe monastery, where lie the St. Nino. And also visit the house-museum of the great Georgian painter Pirosmani.
Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with this amazing corner of our rich and unique tour!

House-museum of Niko Pirosmani in the village Mirzaani

The memorial complex includes the famous Georgian artist house, where he lived, a large area around the house and showroom. Площадь музея 776 кв. m. here is a 14 originals of his paintings, sketches and personal belongings of the artist. Fans of the artist, and not only them, it will be interesting to see: House, where he lived hudozhnik.podlinniki artist's paintings as well as collections, paintings by other artists, not so well-known areas publike.V, Adjacent to the main exhibition hall, It holds a collection of posters Pirosmani exhibition, which took place at different times in different countries. There is also a small number of paintings collected Lado Gudiashvili and other less well-known artists.

Nunnery "Bodbe"

Женский монастырь «Бодбе» находится всего в 2 км от города любви Сигнахи. He is known to those, it is here that the relics of the most revered in Georgia St. Nino. educator, brought Christianity to Georgia died here 347 year, It is on 67 year of life. Amazing facts about the monastery:

  • Initially, there was a monastery.
  • Currently it is functioning convent.
  • On the territory of St. Nino has a source of water, which is credited with miraculous properties.

At various times, there were some men, the convent, the complete desolation. Temple, originally built over the tomb of St. Nino, unfortunately did not survive. At the moment, you can see on this site the cathedral in honor of St. George. В южном приделе храма находится национальная грузинская святыня — могила св. Nina, to which we are constantly striving believers not only from Georgia, но и из других стран. Signagi

Throughout the city is known as the "City of Love", but also it is famous for its powerful fortress, which is well preserved to our days. More than two dozen towers and fortress walls run through the city center and go on, beyond. Fortress is a huge polygon, ограничивающий площадь в 40 it. Протяженность стен древней крепости составляет 4,5 km. The name of the fortress, means "impregnable", that at one time it was checked again by enemies, who have repeatedly tried to conquer the city. Who seek the city of Sighnaghi:

  • avid romance, to make a marriage proposal, or just tie the knot.
  • Lovers of ancient fortresses, who will appreciate the safety of the towers and walls of the ancient city.
  • Fans stunning views, as it offers beautiful views of the equally famous Alazani Valley.

For emotional and impressionable romantics and those, who are willing to spontaneously decide on marriage, recall, с середины 2000-х годов в городе влюбленных действует круглосуточный Дворец Бракосочетаний.

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