Excursion in Kutaisi ,gelati ,Mocameta duration 5-6 hours , round , distance 70 km Kutaisi - in the past the capital of Colchis and Imereti kingdoms, and now a cozy and quiet, with enchanting atmosphere, where you are interested in a lot of monuments of historical architecture, ancient monasteries, temples and the richest archaeological museums and other facilities, under UNESCO protection. Historical, this city, located in western Georgia, It considered the second capital of the country and belongs to the ancient cities of Colchis. The rich history of the city allowed him to become one of the most controversial places of modernity.
We will try to introduce you to the most interesting sights, not only within the city, but also in the surrounding area.
City tour Kutaisi, It includes its landmarks, The historic center and the old part of the city.
Visit Bagrati Temple - an outstanding monument of UNESCO.


Mocameta One of the sacred places of Georgia - the monastery Motsameta, that in the vicinity of the city of Kutaisi. Another name for this attractions: Monastery of Saint David and Constantine. It is located near the famous Gelati Monastery, territory delimit mountain and canyon. The building stands in a beautiful location: among green trees, on the precipice of a mountain river Rioni, with stunning views of all this natural splendor. A few years ago the monastery was not functioning, but after a grand restoration, during which it held to the road, was opened. meanwhile, this place is still not as popular with tourists, as the nearby monastery, however, many are calling it one of the mandatory items for a visit.

Monastery gelati

Gelati Monastery of the Virgin near Kutaisi - the most significant medieval monastery in Georgia. Center ecclesiastical and cultural life, residence of the Catholicos of the 2 nd half of the XVI century to the 1814 of the year, World Heritage monument (1994).

The monastery was founded by King David the Builder in 1106 and she became his burial place. Collegiate Church was built to 1125 years and another five years was decorated with mosaics, which honored the best in the whole South Caucasus. At that time the monastery was the seat of the Gelati Academy, whose members are keenly interested in ancient Greek philosophy.

In the XIII century to the monastery ensemble added the Church of St.. Nicholas and communication. George, as well as three-tier belfry. Murals refers to different periods of the history of Georgia, from XII to XVIII century; particularly noteworthy crowned heads portraits. First in the monastery preserved many valuable icons and works of applied art; in Soviet times they were seized and distributed to museums. Bagrati temple

This temple is particularly dear to every believer to Georgian. It Bagrat Cathedral, although his reason often called the temple. The official name - the Cathedral of the Assumption, Namely Bagrat he was named in honor of the king, on which construction began orders - Bagrat III, from which it took its origin known princely family Bagrationi.

This large and majestic cathedral was erected in 1003 year. It is located in Kutaisi and is the pride of local residents and a popular place to visit among the inhabitants of other regions of Georgia, as well as tourists and pilgrims. Looking up its stone walls and blue roofs, he stands proudly over the city, fermenting the heart of every Georgian and silent witness of past greatness and power of Georgia.

Bagrat Temple is very different from other churches. It is the only cathedral of this size, built on a mountain. Unlike other temples it and its proportions, monumentality and scale. Bagrati amazing and tells the story of medieval Georgia.

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