castor cave

Tour in Kutaisi ,peshternыy complex "Satapliya» , Cave of "Prometheus"
The duration of the tour: 7 hours
The length of the route: 125 km

Сатаплия – парк юрского периода

Georgia is one of the most unique regions in the world. On this small territory there are almost all known natural areas, of nisin, which are below sea level to mountain ranges, on top of which it never melts snow. desert, swamp, the woods, steppe, lakes and rivers, black earth and clay: Nature is clearly not stingy, endowing all the inhabitants of this land, что имеется в ее распоряжении. Одной из оригинальных, unique natural areas with primeval relic forest is Sataplia (honey spot). Southwest Georgia is often called a land of green mountains, именно там, in Sataplia, can understand, the true meaning of these words.

Prehistoric help

All this variety and wealth, probably, was the reason, that the territory of present-day Georgia showed early signs of vital activity of living beings. Excavations, made by scientists at different times, led to the discovery of more than four hundred monuments of the presence of life in Georgia and in the era of the Cretaceous, Jurassic, палеолита,Cainozoic etc.. эпох. Prometheus cave или, as it is called, cave Kumistavi, Tskaltubo is near and near Kutaisi. It refers to the form of the karst caves in Georgia and is the most popular and visited, excelling in all respects even his nearest neighbor, Sataplia cave. В Имеретии она считается жемчужиной среди местных достопримечательностей и привлекает в свои недра множество туристов. Обнаружили пещеру Прометея в далёком 1989 year, and later 2 year studies, We decided to make this place a tourist object and began to plot a route for excursions. In just a few years of work on the cave much it has been done and it remains only to build office buildings on the surface, but builders have started their construction, as the Sound of 1990 year and everything stopped for a long time. At the end of the zero, specially invited foreign experts examined the future attraction of Georgia and gave valuable suggestions to improve the design of the cave, given a vector of its development. Multicolored lights and quiet classical music in all rooms – it's all of their handiwork.
Most sources agree that, that the length of the tunnels is less than 11 kilometers, but visitors only available 1,5 km of them. В этой разветвленной сети тоннелей насчитывается множество ходов и до 17 huge halls, arches which reach 21 m, several underground rivers and, possibly, even lakes. Underground very high humidity and constant temperature is kept within 14-17 degrees, поэтому там прохладно даже в самый жаркий день.


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