Canyons Western Georgia

Fifty kilometers from Kutaisi located Okatse River Canyon - this is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Western Georgia, in Imereti region. along the cliffs, covered with dense vegetation at the bottom of the gorge flows a small mountain river Okatse. To admire the beauty of the gorge, on high 140 long walking trail around - meters metal suspension bridge was made 800 meters with balconies for stops. Walk the trail with stops for photo session takes about 45-60 минут. Недалеко от каньона Окаце, just 8 miles on a good road, visit the waterfall Kinchha. It is a complex of waterfalls, sloughing with impressive white cliffs. Next visit to the monastery Chkondili or Martvili Monastery. Interior painting falls on 14-16 century. Martvili Canyon - amazingly beautiful natural sight, consists of two parts, upper and lower. On the top - Tourists ride on inflatable boats, а по нижнему приятно прогуляться по специально построенным мостикам.


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