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We start the tour from your hotel in advance fixed time best in 9-10 morning. The cost of the tour 40 $ person (from 6 person) duration 12 hours.

The price includes guide services, transport with driver.

NOT included in the price: entrance fees and meals.

Предлагаем посетить на нашей экскурсии уникальные и всем известные достопримечательности Грузии:
Borjomi, where you can stroll in the park and drink healing water straight from the source.
Rabat – the largest restored fortress with towers, museums, мечетью, church, etc.
Vardzia – the legendary cave town of Queen Tamar, который не оставит вас равнодушным и удивит своими масштабами.
Borjomi park

At the first mention of the word Borjomi, It comes to mind mineral water. If you happen to be in the Borjomi Park, it is quite possible, that the sound of the word Borjomi you will remember not surprisingly useful mineral water, a clean air, which is so easy to breathe.

Боржоми относительно низкогорный курорт и находится на высоте 850 метров над уровнем моря. The mountains, surrounding the city are covered with evergreen cover of relict trees, coniferous forests and unique plants. Not surprising, that Borjomi is a balneological and climatic resort, where many vacationers seek, in order to improve their health.

Well, of course, You can not complete description of Borjomi Park, without everyone's favorite mineral water - Borjomi. Right in the central park is the source, to which tourists and locals, to sample the present Borjomi.

Mineral water comes from the depths of the earth and do not have time to cool down - it is the first, that amazes tourists. And needless to say, that this water is different in taste from, that we used to purchase in stores. warm, with a pronounced taste and most importantly, with a high content of nutrients. Именно такая настоящая минеральная вода Боржоми. Крепость Рабат

Construction of the fortress Rabat has got to end 16 begining 17 century. At that time the territory belonged to the Turks and therefore the mosque were built here, madrasah and many other Muslim buildings. During the Russian-Turkish war, at 1828 the fortress was repulsed Russian. AT 2011 , the large-scale reconstruction of the fortress was started. Today the tourists appear citadel, Christian temple, mosque, bathrooms, museum, hotel and various shops. The entire territory of the Akhaltsikhe fortress is divided into two parts:

  • the top.
  • lower.

Bottom - the modern part, includes host, Cafe, wine shop, tourist centre. The upper part - the historic, it includes a museum, church, mosque, медресе. Vardzya Вардзия – пещерный монастырский комплекс, который включает в себя около шести сотен различных помещений, carved directly into the rock. Created complex 12-13 centuries on the cliff. surprisingly, но самое дальнее помещение расположено в 50 метрах от входа, and the highest at the eighth floor. Vardzya – It is a city, which were churches, people's homes, bathrooms, kladovыe, library and treasury. At one time there were hiding from the enemy and pray for peace in many churches. Currently cave complex consists of two parts:

  • tourist zone, open for visits.
  • monastery, entrance to the, which is prohibited.

Unfortunately, part of the complex was lost, because of the devastating earthquake, and another portion was destroyed by invaders. But even that part of, which has been preserved to our days, It affects all, who personally saw this man-made miracle. Surprising ancient frescoes on the walls of the church, secret passages and an amazing aura, которая окружает это место

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