Kutaisi, Batumi .Tur the Botanical Garden, Gonio fortress , Batumi museums
The duration of the tour: all day
The length of the route: 375 km
Batumi - Adjara heart.
Batumi - amazingly beautiful city, Now here is a great development in all sectors, the city more and more momentum in building global scale hotels, various entertainment centers.
First we see the world-famous Garden Botanchesky. Here the unique collection of rare views of Dere and colors, imported from around the world,as well as incredible views of the Black Sea and Batumi.
Next arrival in Batumi: visit Batumi Piatsa - Europe Square, just visit the mosque "Orta Jame ', Batumi sea port, Neptune monument, Batumi Drama Theater, and the famous Astronomical Clock in the Tower of Gold.
Next, visit the Local History Museum - Museum of History of Batumi and whole Adjara region, as well as the Museum of Nobel brothers, which displays unique achievements of their work.
Next, ride the lifts so high, we can see the whole of Batumi at a glance. Exciting unforgettable panorama!
Argonauts will visit the Square with the statue of Medea. This place is associated with the myth of the Argonauts and the legend, of the Golden Fleece.
After we go to Sarpi (border of Georgia and Turkey), enjoy the fresh air, virgin nature and'll pick on the way back to the fortress Gonio - Apsaras. The fortress was built in the I - II century and functioned as a stronghold of the Roman, and later the Byzantine Empire.

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